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 We have been on an ice cream kick here at the house and so the girls asked me to do a series of posts on ice cream favors.  Their favorite first is mint chip.  Cool minty green, with gold, black or fudge brown looks delish!
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  It really feels like spring here on the coast, with the hills turning green and the trees in bloom. Spring is great time to get married, flowers are abundant and the warmer air makes to you want to be outside.  Just remember to have a back up plan if the showers come!
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 Life has been so busy I kind of dropped the ball on blogging.  It was the holidays, then we got sick in the New Year with colds and baby Cora is just now sleeping better at night, so I am finallllly back!  (Life with three kids is more crazy than I thought!)  The break has been good for me and I'm ready to be inspired again, I hope you are too!  Here are some beautiful dresses to welcome you back!


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Life is too short not to have fun.  Wedding planning can be so stressful, don't forget to enjoy "your love" and take some time to slow down.  Be playful, go on a date, get outside, make each other laugh.  It should be a fun season of life, don't let wedding details bog you down!!!

for all my dental girls out there!  Love this pic!

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The days with a new baby are flying by!  This weekend it was so warm, we were in shorts picking out a pumpkin.  Emma is into picnics and gardens.  So for every beautiful outdoor garden event here is some inspiration.  Lavender, roses, peonies... love it all!

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Here are newborn Cora pictures at 9 days old.  She is such a miracle, like all our babies.  She is so deeply loved, and the girls adore her!  Newborn pictures are so priceless, they literally change so much, in a few weeks.  

Lisa Maksoudian is amazing, truly a gifted in child photographer.  She has captured some of the best smiles from one of our most un-photogenic child.  The girls love her.  Today was school picture day and Emma asked if Lisa was taking the pictures.  "No, not today." I said.
"That's too bad, I miss not seeing her!"
You can see more of Lisa's work here and here!