Is hot pink, bright orange and lime green too trendy for you? Then think about going with a classic neutral palatte. (So 10 years from now you can look back at your wedding pics and not cringe.) Here are ideas using warm carmel, almond and/or champagne colors. It's a great color, that looks good on a lot of different skin tones. (Bridesmaids will thank you for not having to wear hot pink!)
A neutral warm palette compliments greens, whites, pinks and even touches of blues. Flowers can use accent colors to broaden the palette.

Natural greens and whites are always classic.

These bridesmaids dresses are from Coren Moore and look how stunning they are next to deep black suites. Also notice your eye is drawn to faces and not distracted by crazy colors around them.
Coren Moore

A simple but elegant cake compliments the natural green of the flowers. I guess I'm just a girl that believes that sometimes less is more.
Have a great weekend! We're making a quick trip going to Orange County to buy another letterpress! (And go to a bridal shower!) We'll be back in time for the Triathlon.
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