Planning an outdoor summer wedding? Nothing feels more like summer to me than fresh fruit. Here is a link to a good strawberry shortcake recipe, and below are more ideas to add to the theme.

peachpleasure via the knot

Today's inspirations draws on a red and pink theme, harkening back to "Strawberry Shortcake" the doll/cartoon popular in the 1980's. (Sidenote: yes, I confess I had the "Strawberry Shortcake" sheet set and these playing cards with her friends. I think their names were "Blueberry Muffin", "Plum" and what was her dog's name? Didn't she have scented hair?) Anyway, here are some fun ways to combine red and light pink.

Paris Caterers

peachpleasure via the knot

via MS

As favors consider giving away small baskets of fresh strawberries (if they are in season.) If you can't find fresh strawberries, then give little jars of strawberry jam away. Make or print your own labels for the jam jars. Then of course serve chocolate dipped strawberries, who can say "no"?

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