Our beach hammock.
Most couples know where they are going after the wedding. I love surprises and told Troy I'd like to be surprised. He planned and plotted, meanwhile I kept guessing where we were going. About 6 weeks before the wedding I got on his home computer and went to type in "hotmail", well I only got the "ho" typed in and the autofill-in thingy showed "honeymoons in Georgia"....hmmmm. At first I thought it was the country of Georgia in Eastern Europe. Then I found a brochure of an island retreat off the coast of Georgia (the US state) just lying around. It sounded nice, but I just thought of how hot and humid Georgia would be in the middle of June!

At our wedding reception, Troy's boss wished us well in Georgia.. (I knew it!) and we drove off to music Troy had brought with us.. ("Devil went down to Georgia".. "Georgia on my mind" etc.) Next day we fly to LA (Los Angeles) rented a car and spend a day at Disneyland.. (to kill time, I found out later.) Now married 48 hours we dropped the rental car off and to get on an airport shuttle. Troy's in a pickle because we have to decide between going to a domestic terminal and the international terminal. He gets a serious look and his face and says, "Beck, we aren't going to Georgia tonight"
(I'm thinking, hurricaine, natural distaster.)
"We're really going to Tahiti!"
pulls out our tickets and reveals snorkle gear in his luggage! (He, my mom and Melissa had packed for us.) Needless to say I flipped out in front of Hertz. You can imagine my shock as we boarded Air Tahaiti Nui!

Troy had heard that Tahiti and specifically Bora Bora was one of the most romatic locations on earth! He'd done all his research and booking at work. The Georgia scheme was just to get me sidetracked. He's since taught me a lot about researching for vacations. From finding the quietest hotels to the best restaurants he had everything planned out! The hardest part for him was keeping it all a secret. I guess in LA, everytime I went to the bathroom, he would tell the waiter where we were going, I think he even told random people in Disneyland.. because he just had to tell someone!
The water is gorgeous! Snorkeling with rays, and a dozen different kinds of fish! There are so many shades of blue.

From a Motu (reef island) looking back towards Bora Bora. (Troy had never even seen me in a swim suit before we were married, so it was weird to literally spend a week living in a bikini, swimming, snorkeling, wind surfing everyday.)

Here we are snorkeling, we were out at at one coral reef or another everyday. Because Bora Bora is surrounded by one big lagoon, the water is shallow, very warm and full of sea life. There also are not a lot of tourists, only one road around the island, few cars and lots of untouched tropical jungle. Life is unhurried and simple and just about crime free.
Islanders are treated well, have free elections and enjoy a high standard of living. I didn't feel comfortable staying in restorts where locals are exploited. (After years of work in Central America I would never be able to go back and vacation there.)

Relaxing before dinner.
This is French Polynesia, at a French resort.. so the food is like tropical paradise meets Paris. Amazing. Tons of fresh fruit, exotic fruit juices, fresh bread, french cheeses, seafood and Troy's favorite pinapple. Fresh, juicy, tender and about 100x sweeter than the tough stuff we get here in the US.

From our back patio over looking the lagoon

From the plane looking at the reef.

It's like swimming in an aquarium. The water is crystal clear and very warm! Below are some video from our snorkling trips and our guide with an octopus he found (after this shot he kissed the octopus and let him go)! Definitely an amazing trip, we dream about going back!


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    This is the most romantic story I have ever heard. How wonderful!! I have shared it with all my friends.
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