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Welcome to the '90's! While men's fashion is slowly becoming more classic, I can't say that bridal fashion is all that classic. This is still the era of lots of stuff... remember the chocker necklaces, lace, puffy sleeves, HUGE ball gowns, lace, sequin bodices, veil headpieces, long sleeves dresses and gloves!
Hair is still big, pulled up in an updo with a few wispy tendrils falling around the face.

Weddings are moving more to lunchtime / early afternoon affairs, with full meals being served.

We also start to see a new wave of talent and style emerge. By the late 1990's Vera Wang comes onto the scene and designer wedding dresses start to become more main stream. We start to see the beginning of what will become a wedding mega of the Knot, and Martha Stewart Weddings. It's these power houses of fresh style that really change weddings into couture, elaborately planned, designer wedding events!

While MS had special feature wedding issues in the '90's, it wasn't until '99 that MS Weddings was it's own as its own entity that published issues quarterly. The simple, gorgeous photography and layout become a signature look that is still hugely popular today. Less is slowly becoming more.

OK, so the picture above is not a wedding, but prom. It's hard to believe I once thought those kinds of dresses were super cool. Yikes! (FYI- I have no idea who the people are above.. but I'm pretty sure my friends had dresses just like that!)
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  1. joy Says:

    Where are you finding all the real wedding photos? they are so great.

  2. Kelly Oshiro Says:

    That top picture scares the crap out of me!

  3. bridal girl Says:

    Funny post about wedding before and now. Great topic you have here. Wedding photography has really gone a long way.