Love the vintage look of mid-century? Nothing seems to be hotter these days than mid-century fashion, decor and styling. It was a time of classic elegance... a few of the style icons in wedding fashion included Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy.

Troy's parents wedding in the 1960's

Image above via Kelly Oshiro

For the 50's and 60's think Bolero jackets which were worn over sleeveless dresses and clamp style hats, gloves and very full skirts. Weddings were still often taking place in the evening with a champagne and cake reception following. Be inspired!

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  1. bridal girl Says:

    Is that Jackie O.? Wow, she really looks trendy and fashionable even hip for a 60's wedding.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    She was married in 1953; First Lady from 1960 - 1963.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    do you know the designer of the top dress?