Brides Magazine in 1983 with Brooke Shields on the cover

Oh yes, nothing like starting a Monday with the 1980's, a decade in which I was actually alive in! I was a flower girl a few times in the 80's. For me, weddings were very magical, lots of puffy dresses, lace and silk flowers. This was a time of permed big hair, big dresses, flashy make up.

By the late 1980's Martha Stewart Weddings was begin to influence wedding style. I remember huge white cakes topped with butter cream frosting with a basket weave design. The main focus of most wedding magazines still is on the dress and maybe the cake. We have yet to see the variety of themes, colors and venues now seen everywhere in the wedding world. Not many "real wedding" features. This is still before the Internet, so all your vendors typically were local, no blogs, no networking sites, no vendor reviews or digital imaging. Photography at this time was still very traditional.. everyone stands in a line *snap*.

Princess Diana in 1981

Bigger was better in the 1980's. Wedding fashion was highly influenced by the puff ball meringue wedding dress that Princess Diana become so famous for. The beautiful dress was based on a romantic look of huge puffed sleeves with a full skirt of ivory silk pure taffeta, old lace and hand embroidery incorporating 10,000 pearls and sequins.

image via Will You Be My Bridesmaid blog
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2 Responses
  1. jAne Says:

    I married in '88 at the age of 30. While my hair was 'big' and my make-up 'obvious', my dress wasn't although it had scads of lace. I figured that at 30 I wasn't about Bo-Peep. ;o) The year earlier I was in a wedding and made to wear a big, satin, light pink number that made me look ridiculous. sigh.

    My (our) daughter may be marrying in the spring. You've NO idea how thankful I am for today's more sedate designs. hehe.


  2. Sugar Plum Says:

    Yeah.. it's hard to believe the "Bo-Peep" look was so chic! Satin is not typically very flattering, because you can see every roll, crease and love handle. I remember lots of peach dresses with huge bows and blue eye shadow!