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After all the parties, and planning and budgeting and researching, well one day you end up married and the real work of marriage begins.  Here are two of my favorite pre-martial/newlywed books.  Lots of couples point to the first year of marriage as being one of the most stressful, adjusting to being someones "better half".  Be prepared and seek good counseling right off the bat.  It's important to enter wedded bliss with your eyes wide open!

How to save your marriage before it starts- I think the workbooks are worth the time to go over together..
on amazon here  (for a look inside at the book cover and read over table of contents and some of the inventory lists, good stuff.)

Great topics on expectations, roles, finances, making time for each other, how to fight a good fight, communication, in laws etc. etc. etc.

Life is not without conflict or pain.  Struggles with come, not just within your relationship but life in general, loss of a job, a parent, disappointments and suffering surround us.  Learn how to be your partners best comfort and source of strength.  I know, deep words for a Monday!

*This is NOT a sponsored link, no one is paying to say this... I just really love these books!
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